Producer / Director

Fehmi Gerçeker is the producer and director of various documentary films, and TV Programs which were highly appreciated with several awards.

He was born in Istanbul. In ‘70s he produced, and directed commercial films with his advertisement company, which he established in 1971. At the beginings of ‘80s, he moved to New York to attend a master program on TV and Film production and direction.

After he acquired his master degree he continued to live in New York, where he directed various films, and TV programs. He produced and directed “Behind The Camera” TV program series, by which he was chosen The Month’s Best TV Producer in America, in 1986.

In 1990 he established his own production company in New York. Currently, with his company in New York, he produces, and directs international documentary films, TV programs, educational CD-ROMs and DVDs. Cipango (the life of Columbus), Jazz and The Great Dpression, 1513 Map of Piri Reis, Tolerance Dedicated to Rumi are among those productions which won awards in different countries all around the world.

Also, from 1989 in every two years he directs a theatre play in different stages of New York City.

Some of the countries in which he produced and directed his films are as follows; Turkey, U.S.A, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, England, Finland, Senegal, Egypt and Cuba.